Kapal Api began in 1927 as unbranded coffee packed in Pabean market, Surabaya. As quality was always a keep, product acceptance by the market was overwhelming. Never before, coffee lovers could have such a coffee as Kapal Api.

This remarkable blend offers the best of all worlds: a powerful flavour, full finish and hearty aroma. Perfect for getting the day off to a great start and keeping you going the whole day.
Once you smell the aroma of Kapal Api, you’d know it is one of best coffees available. Made from selected coffee beans and uniquely blended, Kapal Api offers a whole new standard in the enjoyment and sensation of a cup of coffee.

To maximise the experience in coffee enjoyment, consumers are offered a wide range of Kapal Api products from Kapal Api Special (pure roast & ground), Kapal Api Special Mix (Kapal Api Special mixed with sugar), Kapal Api Kopi Susu (R& G 3 in 1 coffee) and the recently launched, Kapal Api Mocha (R& G 3 in 1 coffee with a touch of chocolate).

Unsurpassed product quality supported by excellent management and distribution, Kapal Api is now not only the market leader in Indonesia but has also successfully penetrated several markets in South-East Asia and the rest of the world.