Throughout the years, Indonesian coffee market which is a roast and ground market has welcomed another form and way of drinking coffee, the 3 in 1 instant coffee. 3 in 1 instant coffee has quite a significant growth since 2001. PT Santos Jaya Abadi has seen this rising opportunity and in the year 2000, launched our first 3 in 1 instant coffee with the brand “Good Day”.

In 2001, Good Day has made a very successful breakthrough in the market by introducing the first and only 3 in 1 instant coffee with flavours. Since the its launch, Good Day has impressively offers a very innovative selection of products from Mocacinno, Vanilla Latté, The Original, Carrebian Nut, Chococinno and Coolin’ Coffee.

With Good Day, consumers have a choice of hot or cold cup of coffee. If you prefer a cold coffee drink in a hot bright shiny day, Good day Mocafrio and Choc‘O’range would be the perfect company for you.

The Cream in Good Day selection would be the latest launched product “Cappuccino”. Good Day Cappuccino offers not only the perfect blend and distinct flavour but also very appetising and delicious thick foam with sprinkles of chocolate granule.