Chartpower Food Ltd. has been established in HongKong since 2003. We mainly started the business to distribute Kapal Api Group product range from coffee bean, candy and other confectionary food & beverage to Hongkong market. Since then we have developed many other food products such as Srilanka Ceylon Tea, Good Day® 3 in 1 instant coffee and other flavoured fruit tea.

Our coffee bean product has long been known as high quality bean selected from different part of the world. We can supply a wide range of roasted coffee bean and powder with various blending and at different roasting style. Our coffee beans are packed in PVC/PVDC packaging material with the use of freshness valve to maintain its aroma. We also provide different kind of espresso machines to fulfill your need: hotel, restaurant, cafe and office use.
We are continuously striving for the best quality products to be distributed in Hongkong market, and providing good service to our customers.
  • To be recognized as reliable and dependable distributor for Food & Beverage in Hongkong
  • To distribute only high quality Food & Beverage products
  • To provide good service quality to our customers